Pet Boarding Kingwood Tx

Pet Boarding Kingwood TX

Pet boarding Kingwood TX is an unavoidable necessity for many pet owners. At Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort, we recognize the difficulties associated with leaving a cherished dog or cat behind.

The knowledge that your pet will likely experience some level of separation anxiety. This makes it an unnerving task unless you bring your dog to stay with us. We are a premier pet boarding Kingwood TX facility, and one dynamic of our service that makes us a standout is our determination to provide each guest with an irrefutably tail-wagging stay, from start to finish, with minimal stress.

Some Stress Is Natural

Stress, perhaps surprisingly, has a good side. James O’Heare, a dog psychologist, says when a demand to change or adapt is placed on a pet, stress is the natural response. Good stress is accompanied by confidence to face a new challenge, euphoria, and a heightened level of alertness. Bad stress occurs when stress is chronic or acute. In pets, this negative form of stress can be identified with certain behaviors, including hyper-vigilance, jumping or some other form of increased reactivity, irritability, and an inability to learn.


The effects of stress on domestic animals have been delved into rigorously by the scientific community. One conclusion universally agreed upon is that chronic stress detrimentally affects feline and canine behavior, which is true of us humans, as well. The reason most pet owners meticulously search for a positive atmosphere in which to schedule pet boarding Kingwood TX is because of an awareness of the issue of anxiety.

We have skilled staff members at Dog’s Day Inn pet boarding Kingwood TX, and they are able to recognize when a dog is exhibiting signs of going through an unhealthy type of stress. When this occurs, actions are taken to make the dog or cat feel more comfortable in his surroundings. We may move the pet into a room with a more home-like feel.

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The following are some basic conclusions drawn by scientific research on dogs and cats:

  • The health, behavior, and overall well-being of cats and dogs are all negatively affected by prolonged stress and negative stress.
  • Excessive or bad stress is also known as “distress;” and it results in aggression, illness, and behavioral problems.
  • Each individual dog and cat has his own level of vulnerability to stress. The individuality of each pet that stays with us is a focus at Dog’s Day Inn pet boarding Kingwood TX. The staff member assigned to your pet has a goal of learning your pet’s personality traits, largely for the purpose of helping him have a terrific time during his stay, with as little anxiety as possible.


There are specific strategies known to prevent the onset of destructive forms of anxiety in cats and dogs. The following essential freedoms that help prevent stress are all addressed in meaningful and effective ways at our pet boarding Kingwood TX facility. Dogs and cats must be free:

  • From hunger, thirst, and malnutrition;
  • Of discomfort;
  • Of disease, pain, and injury;
  • To express normal behaviors and be themselves;
  • From fear and distress.

What We Do

One of the ways anxiousness is relieved at our kennel is with television, which is played with pet-friendly programming throughout each day. Another critical step is ensuring that every dog in our charge has required vaccinations; this protects the dog from being inoculated and other dogs around him.

Contact us today at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort for pet boarding Kingwood TX that can give you peace of mind, knowing that your pet is in a place where scrupulous devotion is given to reducing stress.

Kingwood, TX Fun Facts

  • Kingwood, also known as the “Livable Forest,” was created by the Friendswood Development Company in 1971 and has grown rapidly since.
  • Kingwood has a population of about 65,000 and has almost 200,000 people living within a ten-mile radius.
  • The community is host to a variety of wildlife including deer, fish, birds, and more, that can be found in the 500+ acres of private nature preserves and parks.
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