• Frequently Asked Questions

    • My pet is on medication, can you give it to him during his stay?

      Our staff is well-trained in administering medications and we will be happy to provide this service to you at no additional cost. We request that all medications arriving with your pet be in the original prescription bottle. We will take all of your specific instructions on how and when you want the medication given, our staff will initiate a medication card and it will be shown to you at the time of checkout. For the well-being of your pet, we will not administer any injections. We recommend pets requiring injections board with a veterinary hospital.

    • What is the cancellation policy?

      Deposits can be refunded or transferred if notified 7 days prior to the arrival date. The deposit will be deducted from the final bill.

    • Do you require a deposit?

      A deposit is required for any Holiday boarding reservations. This will ensure your pets will have a place to stay while you are traveling or on vacation. The deposit is deducted from your pet's stay when you pick them up.

    • What happens in case of an emergency?

      At check-in time you will be asked to fill out a release form, you will be giving your consent for us to properly care for your pet in an emergency, on this form you will leave an emergency contact as well as a veterinarian of your choice. If for any reason your pet will need medical attention we will contact the veterinarian of your choice and follow proper instructions for transporting your pet to this veterinarian's facility, you will be called immediately. If we are unable to contact your veterinarian, we will take your pet to the closest animal hospital and again you will be contacted for further information. All charges incurred will be the responsibility of the pet owner.

    • Why does my dog have loose bowels when I pick up from boarding?
      The stress of being away from family and familiar surroundings can sometimes cause loose bowels, also a change in a dog's regular diet will cause an upset stomach. We recommend you bring your own food for your pet's stay, this will enable us to keep your pet on their own food and their usual feeding schedule. This will decrease the chance of loose bowels or upset stomach.
    • Why is my dog so thirsty when I pick him up from boarding?
      Pets often become very thirsty from the excitement and stress of boarding. While boarding with us your pet is given a fresh supply of water, this is checked and refreshed throughout the day.
    • Why is my dog so smelly when I pick him up from boarding?
      We have a very meticulous cleaning procedure, however in closed quarters, with other pet guest, a dog has a natural odor may become more noticeable.
    • Why is my dog so tired when I pick him up from boarding?
      Pets staying in our facility get lots of exercise, running and playing in our spacious yards. If your pet requires restricted activity please notify out staff at check-in.
    • Who is responsible for lost or damaged belongings?
      Dogs Day Inn will not be responsible for any lost or damaged personal items left with your pet. While we encourage you to bring them we ask that each item be clearly labeled with your pet's name and your last name. Our staff will do their very best to keep these items with your pet, but sometimes things get taken out to the yard or are damaged during playtime. We will be happy to launder any items that will fit in our machine, but again we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur.
    • Can my dog be bathed/groomed while boarding?
      We offer bathing and grooming services at all of our facilities. When you check your pet in for boarding you may request bathing or grooming, our staff will take your full instruction for this service at that time.
    • Will I be charged for Sunday?
      Most kennels are closed on Sunday but as a convenience to our clients Dog’s Day Inn is open 7 days a week. you may drop off your pets for boarding anytime during business hours. Pick-up time is 12:00pm (noon) to avoid being charged another days boarding fee.
    • Can all of my pets stay together? Is there a discount?
      Our facilities have several different suite sizes to choose from and can comfortably accommodate multiple pets. There is a discount for multiple pets.
    • What should I bring for my pets stay?

      We encourage owners to bring any familiar toys, blankets, pillows, bed, and treats that their pet would like to have during their stay. These items from home will make your pets stay more comfortable. We also encourage you to bring your pet's own diet. We will feed your pet According to your specifications, doing this will lessen the chances of your pet having an upset stomach due to a change in food.

    • When is drop off and pick-up?

      You may drop off your pets at any Dogs Day Inn locations in Atascocita, Cypress, Katy, and Kingwood for boarding anytime during our business hours Mon. – Fri. 7 am -6 pm., Sat. 8 am-6 pm and Sunday 10 am – 4 pm. Pick-up time is before Noon to not be charged for that day.