Atascocita Location

Atascocita Location

Pet Boarding Services in Atascocita 

Dog’s Day Inn Atascocita proudly offers pet boarding among many other services. Our pet checkout time is noon, seven days a week. However, if your pet has a grooming appointment with our team then checkout can be extended.

It should be noted that if you wish to utilize our boarding services during the holidays, a non-refundable deposit will be required. What’s more, we ask that you provide us with your pet’s food, enough to last their scheduled stay with us. We do offer house food at $5 a day per dog.

Atascocita Location Rates

At our Atascocita location, we offer a wide range of boarding options to cater to all pets. We have various dog suites available for you to choose from. The pricing of each of our boarding options will vary which is something to keep in mind.

Indoor/Outdoor Regular Suite

Our second indoor/outdoor option consists of a 4×12 room, 4×6 of which is indoors. Like our other indoor/outdoor option, your dog will receive 3 potty breaks during the days.

Price per night:

  • $38/ 1 dog
  • $57/ 2 dogs
  • $67/ 3 dogs

Indoor/Outdoor Large Suite

Our indoor/outdoor condos allow your dog to benefit from the fresh air while still being in the cool indoors. The rooms are 6×12, 6×6 of which is indoors, and this boarding option offers 3 daily potty breaks for your furry friend.

Price per night:

  • $44/ 1 dog
  • $66/ 2 dogs
  • $76/ 3 dogs

Junior Suite

The jr. suite provides your dog with a 4×8 room, and again, a bed and television are complimentary. Like our executive suite, dogs under this boarding option will receive 3 daily potty breaks.

Price per night:

  • $44/ 1 dog
  • $66/ 2 dogs
  • $76/ 3 dogs

Executive Suite

The executive suite is one of our many dog boarding options. It consists of an 8×8 room with a complimentary bed and TV. Additionally, your dog will be allotted 3 potty breaks during the day.

Price per night:

  • $55/ 1 dog
  • $82/ 2 dogs
  • $92/ 3 dogs

Holiday Deposits

As previously mentioned, our boarding services will come with a deposit during important holidays. The pricing of this deposit is $100.  This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable, but will remain on your account for up to a year as credit to use toward any service if you need to cancel your pets stay. 

If you have any questions regarding our boarding services and which holidays this deposit pertains to, please feel free to contact our Atascocita team today.

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5123 Atascocita Rd
Humble, TX 77346
Map & Directions [+] 281-215-5395
  • Mon-Fri: 7:00am - 6:00pm
  • Sat: 8:00am - 6:00pm
  • Sun: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Doggy Day Care

Not only do we offer boarding services, but we are also available to look after your four-legged friend during the day. We understand that it can be difficult going to work and leaving your pup alone for so long. That is why we proudly offer daycare services at all four of our facilities.

The staff at Dog’s Day Inn are all avid animal lovers and are committed to ensuring your dog has a blast while in our care. With that in mind, you can rest easy knowing your dog is in capable hands while you can’t be there.

The Pricing of Day Care:

  • $25/ 1 pet
  • $45/ 2 pets
  • Each Additional Pet $10

If you pre-pay your dog in our daycare program five days a week, you’ll qualify for a 25% discount on this service! Call today and ensure your pet isn’t feeling abandoned during the long workdays.

Additional Services

We understand that you only want the very best for your dog. That is why we offer additional services that you can request for an added charge. Those services include the following:

Extra Playtime/ $5 per time, per dog

Swim Time/ $15 for a 20-minute session

Training Program/ $795 for a 2-week training course

Kong time is also available upon request if this is something you want for your furry friend. If you have any questions about the services we offer or would like to learn more about our professional dog and puppy training program, contact our Atascocita team today.

Pictures will be posted to our social media upon your request if you’d like to see what your pooch is getting up to while in our care. Unfortunately, we cannot send photos to personal emails and phone numbers. However, following along with our social media will give you the opportunity to check in on your furry friend.


Here at Dog’s Day Inn, we prioritize the health and well-being of the dogs in our care. That is why your dog must have the following vaccinations before visiting our facility:

  • Rabies
  • Bordetella

We understand that you want only the best for your dog and would never want them to be in harm’s way. That is why the above vaccinations along with proof that your dog has received them will be needed before we can take your dog into our care.

Keeping on top of your dog’s vaccinations doesn’t just mean you’ll be able to utilize a variety of dog services; it also ensures your dog lives its happiest and healthiest life. So, be sure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date, and call Dog’s Day Inn when you need a trusted and friendly pet boarding service.

If your pet requires medication, please bring it in the original packaging or container.

Contact the Atascocita Team Today

Dog’s Day Inn is proud to have four locations across the Greater Houston area. Each of our state-of-the-art facilities is run by a team of highly trained and dedicated staff. All staff members are dog lovers and are passionate about your dogs’ health and wellbeing.

When you choose Dog’s Day Inn as your boarding service, you can be confident your dog will be shown the same love and affection as you display. If you have any questions about our services, please reach out to our team and we’ll happily provide you with the answers you’re looking for.

Finally, if you would like to schedule a tour of our facility before placing your dog in our care, you can do so by giving us a call. You can contact our Humble team at (281) 215-5395. We can’t wait to meet and care for your furry friend!

  • I've been a customer with Dogs Day Inn for over 7 years and over never had a bad experience.
  • My little pup pup loves staying at Dogs Day Inn Pet Resort.
  • My dog LOVES attending daycare here daily. The staff is phenomenal and always go above and beyond.
  • The staff is extremely kind and I can tell they really care about our babies.
  • Thanks to the awesome staff members for taking great care of my girl!!