Kingwood Tx Dog Overnight Boarding Near Me

Kingwood TX Dog Overnight Boarding Near Me

Are you in need of Kingwood TX Dog Overnight Boarding Near Me? Check out Dog Day’s Inn Pet Resort to find all the accommodations you need for your pet. We offer a boarding program that cannot be beaten with a staff that is ready to love your dog like they are our own. Our services provide your dog quality care in our boarding services that will have you continue using our services for years to come. Whether you’re traveling or just going to work, Dog Day’s Inn is the place for you to leave your dog in excellent pet care.

We dedicate our time to learning your dog and understanding their needs when they stay with us. Our staff members specialize in creating an environment for your dog not only to enjoy. But feel comfortable because dogs deserve to be dogs and act like their true selves.

Please continue reading to learn more about our Kingwood TX Dog Overnight Boarding Near Me programs!

Boarding Programs

Let’s discuss the importance of your dog’s safety and security when they stay with us here at Dog Day’s Inn. Your dog will be under full supervision at all times to make sure they are healthy and safe. Our play areas are structured with secure fencing, so not even the best escape artist can find their way through it. We use closed-circuit monitoring as a successful system to keep your dog safe.

For your dog’s entertainment and exercise portion of their stay, we will provide multiple fun activities for your fur babies to participate in. They get the opportunity to swim in our full-size swimming pool. This will let them stretch their legs and work on joint health. We keep in mind how tired your animal might get, so we keep pool time at 20 minutes. Along with the pool, we will have TV time playing pet-friendly movies that will give them better social skills. This will keep them busy for hours and focus on the colors and calm voices from the films.

Let’s not forget about your cat, though! We are not only a dog boarding facility but also cat friendly as well. Your feline friend can stay in our cat condo, which has enough climbing room for them to spend all day in. The cat area is safely far away from the dogs, so there is no stress on your cat. We call this area the bark-free zone.

Training Program

Our dog kennel program also offers a 14-day training service for those who have dogs with behavior problems. We board your animal for two weeks and work closely with them with our trainers’ help, who are dog obedience experts. Pet boarding is helpful, but why not make their stay a learning opportunity as well? Your dog will be given a lesson on manners and basic commands. These fundamental values will give your dog the time they need to become more behaved.

We ask that before you arrive for the training that you bring some essentials for your animal. Most dogs enjoy having a toy or blanket that reminds them of home to give them comfort. We also need to know if your dog has special dietary needs or schedules as we want you to bring their dog food to maintain their diets.

We begin our program with your dog’s observations and then figure out techniques to help them learn the most effective way possible. Once the 14 days are done, we will invite you back to witness what your dog has learned. Once you leave the facility, we hope you understand that training at that point is up to you to continue and practice. However, if, at any point, your dog begins to show destructive behaviors again, please bring them back. The best service we can provide is satisfaction, and we want to promise you that.

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1831 Northpark Dr
Kingwood, TX 77339
Map & Directions [+] 281-459-0932
  • Mon-Fri: 7:00am - 6:00pm
  • Sat: 8:00am - 6:00pm
  • Sun: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Dog Day Care

Dog Day’s Inn is your top spot for doggy daycare services as well. For your dog to have a tail-wagging great experience, bring them to us here for a caretaker to love and support until you pick them up. We make sure each dog is given their caretaker is by their side from the moment they arrive to the second they leave. It is their job to make sure your dog is happy and healthy all day. The caretakers are to observe your dog’s behaviors and understand their needs.

The daycare service provides amenities for your dog that are similar to the boarding program. The dogs participate in swimming and outdoor activities to keep them active and engaged with other dogs. Peanut butter kong time is used throughout the day to keep a dog’s attention, so they feel relaxed. However, if, at any point, your dog shows signs of being stressed, we will move them to a high-level suite.


Also, we would like to extend our services to our exceptional dog grooming services. From experience anywhere between 7 to 23 years, our groomers are ready to give your dog a new look! Our services include nail clipping and ear cleaning as well as shampooing. Additionally, we blow dry and brush out as well as top off the look with a bandana. Plus, do not be afraid to inform us of specific hair cutting instructions. This is your animal, and we want them to look good for you!

We also accommodate dogs who can’t stay all day in our care with our Express grooming!

Let us take care of your dog’s grooming needs.

Kingwood TX Dog Overnight Boarding Near Me

When you look for Kingwood TX Dog Overnight Boarding Near Me, we want Dog Day’s Inn to be the answer you’re looking for. You deserve to be able to trust someone with the safety of your dog while you can’t be with them. Here at Dog Day’s Inn, we will give your dog the best days they can have for care that you cannot find anywhere else. For more information about our services and locations, check out our website! Or call (281) 459-0932 to speak to a team member about our programs.

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