Pet Day Care Near Me Katy Tx

Pet Day Care Near Me Katy TX

Finding Pet Day Care Near Me Katy TX can be difficult. You want to ensure your pet receives the same amount of love and care as they do from you. When you choose Dog’s Day Inn, you’ll never have to worry about your pet’s happiness or well-being. Our expertly trained staff are animal lovers just like you and are trained to care for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages. Get in touch now to learn more about our doggy daycare services.

Your fur babies will receive the best care when you choose the services of Dog’s Day Inn!

Pet Sitter vs. Daycare Services

If you have a demanding job that means you’re away from home for most of the weekdays, you may not want your pet to spend all this time alone. That is when pet sitting becomes an ideal solution. No longer will you have to worry about your pet being lonely, feeling abandoned, or causing chaos in your home. Hiring a pet sitter can be extremely beneficial for a one-off situation that will only last a couple of hours. However, if your dog needs proper care that lasts long hours, your best bet is a pet boarding facility that can offer this several days a week.

Get in touch with Dog’s Day Inn and allow us to be that facility. Our staff members are dedicated to ensuring your pet has a great time in our facility. Not only that, but with the number of activities we offer, your pet’s health will benefit from our care. It’s no wonder pet parents trust us when they require Pet Day Care Near Me Katy TX.

Caring For Your Pets For 30 Years

What started as a small facility that housed dogs during the daytime has now become a powerhouse dog daycare service in the Texas area. Our years of experience have allowed us to meet and care for pets with all sorts of health conditions. So you can trust that we can provide the care your dog needs, whatever that might be.

Made up of some of the best dog specialists in Texas, you can trust our honest team to make sure your dogs are always in great condition. We won’t simply hire anyone who walks through our door; we only want people who truly have the canine’s best interest in mind. If you’re someone who’s very picky about who you give access to your pet, you’ll be glad you chose our team. Our staff is here to assist you with any worries you may have, and we’ll put your mind at ease.

With our dedicated staff and our professional services, it’s no wonder people choose us when then need Pet Day Care Near Me Katy TX.

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1771 Westgreen Blvd
Katy, TX 77450
Map & Directions [+] 281-238-5937
  • Mon-Fri: 7:00am - 6:00pm
  • Sat: 8:00am - 6:00pm
  • Sun: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Trust Dog’s Day Inn

Our outdoor play yards are perfect if you’re looking for a daycare service that will cater to your dogs every need. Do you have a very active dog that’s always running around and playing? Maybe you don’t know how you’re going to be able to provide this to them while you’re not at home. If your apartment isn’t cutting it and you’d like to drop them off at a very open daycare during the day, we can help you. With our yard areas, you’ll be able to trust our doggy daycare specialist to give your dogs an excellent place to play.

Unlike other dog boarding locations, our facility also holds a swimming pool. Your dog can benefit from our 20-minute splash sessions. These sessions have been proven to support your dog’s health, and they’ll enjoy themselves while doing so.

Private suites are another big part of what we do. Every dog is different, and some may feel stressed out easier than others. Your dog may be hyperactive or might not get on too well with other dogs. If that’s the case, he/she could really benefit from our private suites. This will allow them to calm down and relax and take away any stress they may be feeling. This is yet another reason to choose Dog’s Day Inn for all your pet daycare needs.

When you don’t want your pet to be stuck at home all alone, reach out to our pet resort. We’ll gladly care for your animal as and when needed.

More Than Just A Daycare

Dog’s Day Inn provides customers and local clients and citizens with the right services that they’ll need to handle their dogs. Your canine is different than everything else in this world, and they deserve a personalized and special treatment that’s tailored to them. Ready to find solutions? Call us today, and we’d be happy to learn about the type of care your dog requires.

Grooming is yet another service we offer at our care center. Handling your dog grooming can cause some pet owners to stress. You don’t want to cause your dog any unnecessary stress or mess up their beautiful coat. Allow the professionals at Dog’s Day Inn to handle it for you. We only use the best shampoos and products to ensure your dog’s coat is shiny and smooth.

A pampering session may be just what your dog needs to relax and feel comfortable in our care, and as your dog’s coat will be getting a groom, it’s a win-win. If your dog becomes a regular client of our care services, we can work with you to decide on a schedule that suits your needs. This way, your dog will get regular grooming sessions, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about. 

Pet Day Care Near Me Katy TX

As a pet owner, you believe your furry friend deserves the best. That is why our daycare professionals are here to ensure your dog receives the best while in our care. If you feel you and your pup could benefit from our services, don’t wait to get in touch. You can reach us at (281) 238-5937. Call today or visit our convenient locations. Don’t forget to check out our other services to discover why we’re the best choice boarding service when you need Pet Day Care Near Me Katy TX.

Fun Facts About Katy

  • The City was founded on rice farming in the late 1800s.
  • Katy is Known as a UFO Hot Spot.
  • The Magnolia Cemetery is historically a haunted site.
  • Find out more about our town.
  • I've been a customer with Dogs Day Inn for over 7 years and over never had a bad experience.
  • My little pup pup loves staying at Dogs Day Inn Pet Resort.
  • My dog LOVES attending daycare here daily. The staff is phenomenal and always go above and beyond.
  • The staff is extremely kind and I can tell they really care about our babies.
  • Thanks to the awesome staff members for taking great care of my girl!!