Dog Grooming Kennels Katy Tx

Dog Grooming Kennels Katy TX

Are you looking for Dog Grooming Kennels Katy TX? If so, consider contacting the professional grooming team at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort! Our team of friendly and caring groomers is ready to help your dog grow accustomed to the grooming experience.

Dog’s Day Inn was founded in 1993 with the goal of providing a new level of pet care for clients and their animals. Each of our facilities offers boarding, grooming, and training services. Furthermore, we have served thousands of satisfied pet owners and look forward to continuing to serve the Greater Houston area.

One of the best measures you can take to keep your dog happy and healthy is to have a regular grooming routine as a pet owner. Doing this helps your dog become used to being handled by strangers. Our mission is to provide every canine with the opportunity to live a happy and healthy life.

The professional groomers at Dog’s Day Inn understand the need to keep your dog’s coat in pristine conditions and free of tangles and mats. Our groomers are trained to pay special attention to the grooming requirements for many breeds.  

The Importance of Grooming

Dogs require grooming for the same reasons that human must brush their hair; to prevent mats, tangles that irritate the scalp underneath. However, a dog relies on its owner for grooming. It is, therefore, a crucial part of your pet care plan. Maintaining a regular grooming routine either on your own or with a professional groomer is important to ensure your pet is always taken care of.

Without a grooming routine, your dog has the potential to develop health issues. Several times a year, dogs shed their coats. The old hair must be brushed out, or it will tangle and mat with the new fur. If tangles develop, the dog will likely begin to experience painful pulling of the skin.

Like humans, a dog’s skin will build up a grease and oils layer if they are not regularly brushed and bathed. Brushing their fur out helps to aerate it and ventilate the different layers. Without brushing, oils will clog pores and create skin irritation.

As a pet owner, it is crucial to understand the importance of a daily grooming routine. While short-haired dogs have fur coats that are easier to care for, medium and long-haired dogs are especially prone to tangles and mats. Even skipping just one day can produce difficulties. Keep in mind that specific breeds, like Yorkshire Terriers, require professional grooming service.

Specific Grooming Needs

There are many benefits to taking your dog to a Dog Grooming Kennels Katy TX. For instance, these professionals know how to provide breed-specific grooming services. A Border Collie has thick, soft fur, whereas a Beagle has short, coarse fur. Each breed has unique qualities, so their grooming needs will differ.

Medium and long-haired dogs almost always require a professional grooming service. For dogs that have been bred for cold weather, like the Great Pyrenese, a thorough brushing of the undercoat ensures they remain tangle-free.

If you are concerned about the price of grooming services, speak with a groomer about what tools and tricks you can use at home to get the job done in between appointments. Should you find that grooming is a struggle at home, they can also offer advice on keeping your dog calm when brushing them.

Other grooming needs, aside from fur coat maintenance, include teeth and ear cleaning and nail trimming. These services ensure that your dog remains free of ear mites, painfully long nails, and poor teeth condition. Another important service is dog bathing.

Our grooming service is second-to-none!

Ask About Our Express Grooming Service!

Appointments with a professional groomer are a great way to socialize your dog and get them accustomed to being handled by a stranger. Likewise, grooming should always be a positive experience for your dog.

Does your dog experience anxiety or fear while on the grooming table? If so, ask our staff at Dog’s Day Inn about our express grooming service. We have designed this type of appointment specifically for dogs who find grooming to be stressful.

When you book this type of appointment for your dog, we guarantee that we will have them on and off the grooming table within 1.5 hours. Our goal is to help your dog become comfortable with grooming while maintaining a low-stress environment.

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Other Services from Dog’s Day Inn


Obedience training is another important responsibility that pet owners have. While your dog is in our training program, they will board at our facility for two weeks. During this time, a trainer will do a one-on-one session every day with your dog. By the time your dog has completed the program, they will know five basic commands: sit, down, come, stay, and heel.

After the program, your trainer will review the commands your dog has learned. Additionally, they will make sure you are comfortable continuing that training. We recommend practicing daily with your dog so that the training sticks.

Dog Boarding

We’re the best choice for Dog Grooming Kennels Katy TX.

Dog’s Day Inn excels at providing a loving and caring environment for every dog that stays with us. Our kennels are not simply a place for your dog to stay while you are gone. Instead, our facility is such a fun and exciting place to be that it will seem like a great vacation to your dog.

Our facility has all the comforts of home, a full-size swimming pool, and plenty of running space in our play yards. Furthermore, during their stay with us, your dog will receive daily one-on-one attention from an assigned caregiver. As their owner, you can have peace of mind knowing they are in great hands.

Dog Grooming Kennels Katy TX

For more information about our services, locations, or company, visit our website. You can also speak with a knowledgeable customer service agent by calling (281) 238-5937.

For a Dog Grooming Kennels Katy TX service, you can trust, call Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort today!

Katy, TX Fun Facts

  • Katy is just thirty minutes from Houston.
  • Heritage Park in Old Katy is known for hosting several community events every year.
  • Katy is named for the K-T Railroad.
  • This city was once the world’s top rice producer.
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