Cypress Tx Boarding Places For Dogs Near Me

Cypress TX Boarding Places for Dogs Near Me

Cypress TX Boarding Places for Dogs Near Me don’t need to be difficult to find. Not with Dogs Day Inn here in Cypress, Texas, to save the day!

Cypress TX Boarding Places for Dogs Near Me

Firstly, you want to drop off your beloved pet with a trustworthy dog sitter. After all, your pet is a precious part of your life.

Finding a suitable pet boarding facility shouldn’t have to be a stressful endeavor. There’s never been a better time than now for Cypress TX Boarding Places for Dogs Near Me search to come to an end.

History of Cypress

The city of Cypress, Texas, is quite the up-and-coming one. Located within the Greater Houston Area, it’s got a significantly larger suburban population.

The population as of 2018 sat at 182.459. With so many citizens living within the Cypress region, it would be safe to assume that most of them are proud pet owners.

I’d, without a doubt, go out on a limb and say more than half of these 182,459 people own either a cat or a dog. With this in mind, it is vital to find a proper pet resort or pet for when you leave.

Why Choose Dogs Day Inn?

We understand it’s heartbreaking to leave your beloved furry friend with a pet sitter, which is why we’ve created the optimal pet care/doggy daycare in all of Texas. Here at Dogs Day Inn, we’ve got the best dog kennels in all of Texas.

State-of-the-art dog boarding is only a phone call away. In our climate-controlled, free-range outdoor play environment, your dog will be in paradise for the entire duration of their stay.

Pet Care is Our Passion

A top reason why we are the best in all of Cypress, Texas, when it comes to optimal dog care? Firstly, we started our business in 1990.

So it’s safe to say we’ve been in the business for roughly over thirty years. That’s four decades of taking care of pups and kitties!

We saw there was an influx in the Greater Houston Area when it came to pet resort necessities. And this is why we created Dogs Day Inn.

At the forefront of our minds is a mission to create the best possible environment and care for your dog with any of the services we offer.

Alas, this leads me to our other magnificent point. Particularly, why Cypress TX Boarding Places for Dogs Near Me should no longer be a tireless google search.

Because we offer everything you need to keep your pup in happy, lovable, tip-top shape! Our intense and diverse amount of services sets us apart from the rest.

Our Services Offered

Secondly, why we’re the best in the Greater Houston Area when it comes to pet resorts? Our selective variety of different services we offer here is astounding.

Most pet resorts don’t offer more than boarding and possibly grooming. However, that’s not the case with our business!

We offer the following list of services:

And so much more! Cypress TX Boarding Places for Dogs Near Me is your one-stop shop for all things doggy-service-related!

Boarding: A Deep Dive

Firstly, our dog and puppy locations are all state-of-the-art pet facilities. Your animal will love staying at Dogs Day Inn, and that’s a 100% guarantee.

We create an environment that is entirely tailored to fit your dog’s specific needs, no matter what those needs might be! Our amenities offered during the duration of their stay are unmatchable by any other doggy daycare in the Cypress area.

We offer up certain entertainment for your pup, such as:

A full-size swimming pool.
Completely secured play yards that are surrounded by a six-foot fence.
Colored television that plays pet-friendly movies throughout the entire day.


At an ideal facility for your pet, you want the experience to be mellow, relaxed, and recharging for your doggo. The pups that stay with us here at Dog’s Day Inn receive all of the above.

They get optimal amounts of rest throughout their duration of the stay. What’s more, they even get their own private suites. When they tire out from all the playtime, they’ll have their own little space to recharge for the next day.

We don’t shut off your dog in a kennel like other pet resorts. Here at Dog’s Day Inn, we treat your dog like our own. This means we never will be shutting them away and will always make sure they’re comfy, happy, and having fun.

Speaking of entertainment, another method we enjoy using while your dog stays with us is that of their peanut butter Kongs. We have specialized Peanut Butter Kong times, which shows an effective way to keep your doggo both engaged and entertained.

Lastly, we also have television to keep even the rowdiest or anxious dogs feeling right at home. It’s been proven that the sound coming from a TV set will ensure your dog feels more social, and the lights on the screen are equally as helpful.

Plus, we completely avoid any programs that may startle your puppy, such as loud sounds or noises. Dog-friendly films are constantly played on the TVs all through the day!

Introducing Our New Mobile App For Convenient 24/7 Booking

1. Download the Gingr for Pet Parents app 2. Enter invite Code: 667489 3. Register with your email address on file 4. Start booking!

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17015 Houston Dr
Cypress, TX 77433
Map & Directions [+] 281-215-5941
  • Mon-Fri: 7:00am - 6:00pm
  • Sat: 8:00am - 6:00pm
  • Sun: 10:00am - 4:00pm


And finally, we love the fact that we have a full-sized swimming pool to help your doggo release all that extra energy!

Although the Kong certainly helps to receive some tension for your precious pooch, we also pride ourselves on the proper exercise given through our pool.

Depending on your dog’s breed, the level of necessary exercise varies. The pool time varies between times, but we always ensure 20 minutes for each dog is put in place.

We will always have a staff member available to keep eye on all dogs while they’re in our pool. There’s no better way to give your dog the exercise they require without over-taxing them.


Why would you wait around to find the best pet resort when there’s a multitude of reasons to just go with Dog’s Day Inn? We have a dedication that is unmatchable for your pet’s safety and takes pride in the business we’ve built from the ground up.

Your dog will be family here. Give us a call and find out more about our rates and services, at (281) 215-5941.

Finally, your search for Cypress TX Boarding Places for Dogs Near Me can end at the doorstep of Dog’s Day Inn!

Fun Facts of Cypress

  • The home of Tin Hall, one of the oldest dance halls in Texas!
  • Also home to the Berry Center, which is an $80 million multi-use complex that’s owned by Cy-Fair ISD.
  • Sam Houston founded the area in 1836.
  • For more fun facts about Cypress, visit their official website!
  • I've been a customer with Dogs Day Inn for over 7 years and over never had a bad experience.
  • My little pup pup loves staying at Dogs Day Inn Pet Resort.
  • My dog LOVES attending daycare here daily. The staff is phenomenal and always go above and beyond.
  • The staff is extremely kind and I can tell they really care about our babies.
  • Thanks to the awesome staff members for taking great care of my girl!!